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The College has a rich computerized Library with Internet facility in 50 computers and a volume of more than 7000 books with 78 Indian and 65 foreign journals. The SC Book Bank is 118. The Library regularly subscribes national newspapers like The Times of India, The Telegraph, the Employment News with a few local newspapers and Magazines like the India Today, the Competition Refresher and the 'Prantik'. It covers a floor area of 1650 sq.ft. There is a Reading Room facility for 100 students within the Library as well as an extra reading room facility is also available with 100 seats. Seating capacity for faculties is 26 in number at a time, with extra periodical section of 28 seating capacity. Most of the daily newspapers, journals and magazines are available in the Reading Room. The Library also owns an Audio-Visual System with 2 numbers of LCD TVs and 2 Computers, 2 DVD Players and a Xeroxing facility — being looked after by the Library Committee. The students must abide by the rules of the Library.

  • All bonafide students of the College are members of the College Library. Students must take Library Cards for borrowing books. Library Cards are issued to the students on payment of a Caution Money which is refundable.
  • Two books can be borrowed at a time for a period not exceeding 15 (fifteen) days. Books issued can be recalled at any time in case of urgency by the Librarian.
  • Library Cards are not transferable.
  • A fine of twenty five (25) paise per book per day will be charged, if the borrowers fail to return the books on due date.
  • Requisition slips must be submitted before one day of issuing the books from the Library.
  • Reference books, newspapers, periodicals and question papers are not allowed to be taken out of the Library. Question papers are available for copying only on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the Library without uniform. Strict silence should be maintained in the Library. The Reading Room remains open during the College routine hours.
  • Final Year Students must return the Library Books before filling up the Examination Form.  No student will be allowed to fill up the Examination Form without Library Clearance Certificate.
  • The Librarian shall bring it to the notice of the Principal, if any student is found to damage or misuse books, make noise or misbehave in any other way which will make the student liable to disciplinary action.
  • Books will have to be replaced from any source if lost, torn or mutilated in any other way.
  • The students may bring to the notice of the Librarian their grievances, if any.
  • The College Library remains open on all working days of the College.
  • The facility of Xeroxing books, question papers and other documents is also available in the library at a subsidized rate.


Departmental Library

The members of the teaching staff have at their own initiative launched a modest effort towards establishing twenty-two departmental libraries for the benefit of the students and staff of each department.


Book Bank

The College has the facility of a Book Bank for the benefit of the students. It is a provision for lending text books only to SC / ST & OBC students on merit basis. To avail the benefit of the same the students will have to apply in a given form to be obtained from the Librarian along with a certificate of income from the local S.D.C. or Maujadar. The beneficiaries will be selected purely on merit basis from among the applicants. The books will be issued for one academic year and the same will have to be returned by the beneficiaries before the issuing of the admittance card for the final examination. Indian Journal/Foreign Journal are available in Central Library, JMC.


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